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I received this e-mail a few days ago. It is with great joy that I share it with you.


Some nine years ago I purchased a female bitch from you (Kimba x Truxa(?). Tattoo # KSJ3. At the time I was living in Ohio and active with the Ohio K9 Search Team. I found your name on an internet search and thought you would be interested in knowing what a great SAR dog "Tango" has turned out to be; including working as a recovery/cadaver dog for 9/11 WTC victims.

As a matter of fact, the litter was born nine years ago this past Monday (4/18). Tango is still working and in fine shape. After a few years in Ohio, I moved east to the NYC area and joined the Ramapo Rescue Dog Association (ARDA-NJ), the oldest search dog unit in the country. Tango has worked searches in Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Penn. Her certifications include Ohio K9 Search Team, ARDA, and her cadaver evaluation was conducted by Andy Rebmann, well-known cadaver dog handler. For her 9/11 work, Tango was inducted in the New Jersey "Animal Hall Of Fame" and her picture is in Search and Rescue Dogs: Training the K9 Hero. (Howell 2d edition - 2002) (p. 225 I believe).

Many have complimented me on her drive, temperment and structure.

As I said, she is still working and most are amazed to hear she has turned nine years old. She is a complete pleasure to be with!

I hope you enjoy this information.

Tom Connors
Ithaca, NY

The breeder of a puppy is just the start of the long journey a dog must go through to be a success in a future occupation. The new owner assumes the responsibility of molding that puppy into a mature adult. To the men and women in Search & Rescue I salute you.


Would like to salute three dogs that started their life journey here.

Nova, Kal, and Crazy Otto


Nova, a black female working as a PTSD service dog in Canada


Kal, a sable male working as a PTSD service dog in Canada (handler has returned to active duty)


Crazy Otto, a sable male that is rather phenomenal at finding black powder.

Link to the trainers web site:     

I salute the trainers that are capable of this level of training.

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