Sucherquelle German Shepherds Breeding Philosophy

Criteria for our breeding / working program.

Dogs are chosen from time-tested bloodlines proven to produce


exceptional quality minds and bodies. 

Outstanding personality: Sucherquelle shepherds are outgoing,
                                      confident, eager to meet life head-on.

Wonderful disposition: Our shepherds are loving and
                         loyal to their families.

Correct structure: Must come close to the breed standard.
Deep rich pigment, dark eyes with that unmistakable
"let's do something" sparkle, sound hips.

Willingness to work: Every individual has their own special 
interest; whether it be tracking, trailing, searching,
guarding the premises or vehicle, or just being a best friend.

NEVER OVER-ESTIMATE the power of the sire and
NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE the power of the dam. If
there are quality puppies to be produced there
must be quality parents. My females are handled
and used just like the males.

Puppy Management

Sucherquelle puppies are handled from birth in the  climate-controlled nursery. 
 Notes are taken on which pup leaves the whelping box... first, second, etc.
also noted are the "boss pups" and "leaders". 
Toys of all textures and shapes are provide (with supervision).
 Puppies are given first shot.... parvo and distemper......around the eight week mark
and are micro-chipped.

How an individual develops depends on how the pup is raised. Puppies must be correctly socialized and handled....the first six months is critical if a pup is to develop into a well-adjusted adult. Much time and energy is needed in this time-frame. Sucherquelle has only started correctly....excellent bloodlines, sound body structure, clear minds, correct food and handling...once the pups leave here it is up to the new owners to finish the job. Proper raising is not to be taken lightly....the rewards for a job well done is a loving and devoted friend for life.

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